Monday, March 3, 2008

thanks now i realy feel like crap.

i know many of you don't work outside the home. being a stay at home wife/mom is a very tough job that i do not want and only occasionally think i could actually do well. some others of you have crappy bosses you have to deal with. been there done that. well my current boss is not so bad, we even do thing away from work together on occasion. but to day i got my annual review. i don't know how many of you have been through one of these. not really a whole lot of fun. while this years went pretty well, i still get perturbed by some of the results i get. for example,(this one ticks me off every year) dependability. the comment that i got in writing from my boss said this,"Bruce, you have been one of the most dependable employees in the our office over the past year. i do not recall of one instance when protocol was not followed when calling off for a sick day or asking for a vacation/personal day." that sounds great right. well to toot my own horn here just a little. not once in the years i have worked for my current employer have i taken all the time off i have had coming to me, not once. in fact i have banked(did not use and can now only be used for extended leave) no less than 13 sick days in 4 years. on a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best) i got a 4. now i know a 4 is pretty good, but when i asked what i would have to do to get a 5, they asked me "can you walk on water?" just kind of irksome. i was even given a lesser score for not achieving my goals set for me last year because i did not go to corporate headquarters and go to training. take a wild guess who sets the training schedule and sends you to headquarters. this all would not really be that big of a deal except that my raise is based on that average score of my review. i will say at this point that my wife is doing a great job and should keep up the good work. there is no fair way to score what a wife/mother does every day. wow that was a longer post than i meant it to be. i guess it does get under my skin a little.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude doesnt your boss read this?


Bruce said...

don't care.

timpani76 said...

Man, you are so gloomy! Cheer up!
A 4 is great for an annual review (Erik gets these, I used to get them) and you CAN walk on water! Just show them your blog, and they will give you that 5 (ha ha).

As far as not taking sick days, do you get paid for unused sick days? Is that why you don't take them? Because I would totally take them otherwise! Erik takes sick days for sick me or sick kids all the time, so they do not just have to be when your on your deathbed.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same boss whos wife is a bloated warthog?

Bruce said...

no i dont get paid for them. that is why the 4 bugs me. i do it because it helps out. we were very short handed last year, and needed all hands on deck. i have them now in an "account" to be useed only for extended leave situations. i did say that a 4 was a good score didnt i? and isnt it supposed to be you're, not your?(just joking. i would never crack on any one for spelling. if i did you guys would be correcting me all the time) and if you remember renaes blog from a while back there have been times when i maybe should have gone to the hospital and went to work instead. like i said, how do you get a 5?

Bruce said...

not a bloated wart hog, moore of a cosmonaut chimpanzee.