Friday, October 22, 2010

whos bad!

last night i was grappling with the big guy i told you all about, and i got him to tap out(made him say uncle) for the first time. i caught him in a hold on his ankle. i was very stoked but could not celebrate very much because he is getting ready for a fight next month and i, as his partner need to help him keep his spirits up too. but it was very cool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

stuff that has been swirling part A

lately i have been watching a lot of political stuff(have been for a while). the first thing i have for you is an observation. we have had many elections won or lost because we don't care about who we are voting for but who we are voting agents. i did not so much vote for McCain i voted agents Obama. when it was bush, the dems weren't voting for Cary they were voting agents bush. voting agents some one does not work. you have to have a candidate that you believe in. if you do you will talk about them or maybe even campaign. we as conservatives(i used to think of myself as a republican but stopped a long time ago) have a chance to turn things around in our government right now. the libs have shown what their ideas and plans are and most people don't seem to like it. granted that if(big if) the economy was doing well we would not have as many people paying attention. BUT, if the republicans put up a bunch a dorks(i like the term "democrat lite") , they are in trouble for the foreseeable future. i will not trust them at all(not that i do much right now). i want conservatives running the joint. i don't want politicians to play politics. i want them to actually do some work. if they get into power(and it looks like they will), and if they do not try to swing things way WAY back, it may be the end of the republican party. i will truly be looking to start or support a different party. what worries me are statements like i heard the other day. a candidate was promising to "scale back the RATE of increased spending." that is not what i want. i want to scale back spending. i saw where some city spent $250,000 to advertise the fact that it was facing financial ruin. hello! any body in there? the days of good ole boy politics need to be over. listen to the people. fix it quickly or we will try to find some one else to do it. it looks like your about to have your chance. don't screw it up.