Wednesday, April 29, 2009

free stuff

i love free stuff. well at least free stuff that is good and works well. recently my uncle, who is a bank manager, decided that he had out grown a couple of his suits. he asked me if i wanted them. i did but i was concerned because he is about 6'4" and looks to be a thinner person than me. i tried them on and they fit very well. the pants are a bit long but not a big deal. the second free thing i got was some Merrel mushrooms. they are very good, only grow in the wild and only for about 3-4 week per year. they have been known to sell for 30-50 dollars a pound. i went out for about an hour and a half the other day and found about 3 lbs. i had my mom and dad over for dinner. we all ate well. even my kids tried them and seemed to like them. i had well over half of them left that i gave to a good friend of mine. free (good) stuff is cool.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

well that sucked

About a week ago Todd and I went riding together. It was great. I had a good day and made Todd have to work hard. I don't know that Ive every been able to do that before. now you have to remember that Todd has not been riding his bike very much. he has been concentrating on running, but i will take what i can get. we were on our way home when i saw some movement in the mirror. i gasped out loud when i saw my bike flying out of the back of my truck. i was just going about 70mph so no problem right? it only slid 40 feet or so. i was not happy. i can't afford to replace my bike. i think I'm going to be lucky though. it still shifts, i don't see any cracks in the frame, the wheels still run true. one of the arrow bars is bent pretty bad the computer is gone and, the quick release on the back is ground off kinda bad, but i don't think any real damage is done. what i am most proud of is that i did not say any swear words

Friday, April 3, 2009

story time

The other night went to Tae Kwon Do class. the kids did not go that night so i stayed around and had some fun. we did some high level kicks that most people cant do. Being the fat guy i had to work extra hard to try and out do some of the youngsters. i did o.k. and went home tired and hungry. when i got home at about 10:00 i decided to get some thing to eat(not supposed to eat that late if your trying to lose weight). i got a bowl of cereal and sat down to watch so TV. about an hour or so later i decided to go on to bed as i had a 7:00am doctors appointment. when i went to put my bowl in the sink i looked out my back window, and saw the most amazing thing. there was a car parked in my back yard. i stood and looked in amazement when some thing more surprising happened. a city cop, a county cop and, a state trooper with a dog walked up to the car. i went out to find out what was going on. i scared the cops because i got close to them before they realized i was there and announced myself. they sent me back into the house. after a bit i see another person walk threw and attach a cable to the car. so i went out again and spoke to the tow truck guy. i found out that the car that was in my yard had hit another car on the highway an then turned onto my street. it then went into the turn around past my house, realized it was lost, drove through my neighbors yard and got stuck in mine. we all gave the cops names, addresses and statements and started to go back inside. at that point here comes the driver walking up the road, still drunk. the cop that had the dog told him, "lay down M EF'er or ill let this dog go and you will get bit!" he laid down and they cuffed him. it was all very exciting(not really, but it makes a good story any way) i latter found out that this was not his first DWI incident. these are some pictures of the mess it left in my yard getting stuck and then getting dragged out by the tow truck. oh, did i mention, it doesn't look like he has insurance.