Tuesday, December 23, 2008

oh the shame

So I'm a little ashamed of my self. last night at our big fam Christmas party there was a boy just the same size as mark. they got to rough housing. the other boy started it. mark was trying to be good and not get into trouble for fighting. the other boy had no such restraint, putting mark at a disadvantage. mark finally decided to do some thing about it and the shoving mach started. mark got shoved down(to which i had a mental groan). mark kept hold of the kid by the caller of his shirt and threw him to the ground(to which i had a mental Cheer). mark started to get up when the kid caught him off balance making mark bang his head on the floor(concrete covered with thin carpet). that was the end of the altercation because mark was hurt. so i was ashamed for liking it when mark pulled the kid down with him but, I'm more ashamed because i was really hoping he would punch the kid in the face. actually what i am ashamed of is the fact that I'm not ashamed about any of it. i wanted mark to deck the kid. he earned it fair and square. i think he would have except he started the confrontation trying not to get in trouble. it sucks how trying to be good can some times put you at a disadvantage.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

face face face

who knew i still had a face under the hair. i know it sounds kinda weird but i kinda forget that i have a cleft in my chin some times. and my upper lip his huge. i shaved on a whim the other day and remembered why i like to keep a beard. shaving sucks. i would rather keep my legs shaved than my face. the dimple in my chin and lip are hard to shave. i could not hardly get all the whiskers off. and the spot right under my nose was almost impossible. I'm glad my wife prefers me with facial hair. she actually complains just a bit on the rare occasion i shave. and she makes fun of my "huge upper lip." it kind of scared me this past Sunday when a member of the bishopric stopped me and asked if i would come and speak to him about a new calling. i though, "oh great, its like they where waiting for me to shave so they could give me some new calling." (obviously they don't wait for you to shave to give you callings) i had visions of having to keep shaved for the next few years. but it wasn't one of those callings so, joy of joys i get to grow my beard back. we really should count our blessings. God works in mysterious ways. speaking of that. i feel very humbled and blessed that we where brought a care package from the church again this year. there was easily a few hundred dollars worth of food and other stuff they brought us. it means a lot, as Renae just got done paying the bills and we are very short of funds(not unusual). so here is me proclaiming my gratitude on the WWW for the blessings my fam has received.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mighty Hunter Returns

So this past weekend was 2nd deer season. No one in my deer camp killed a deer first season. Most of us returned to try again. I shot the biggest thing out of every one there. That's right, you know I'm bad. No one does it like me, and i mean no one. hear is how it went down. we were helping the new guy in camp(never hunted before in his life). he killed 2 deer about 10 minutes apart sat. morning. so 2 of us went to help him. as we where guiding him through the proses of field dressing his first deer i looked up to see 2 deer running right at us through the field. i picked up his gun and as the deer ran past i shot....and missed. well a bit later we where dragging the first deer over to the truck. when we got to a fence we had to cross i look up and saw the most amazing thing. i had missed the fist deer as it ran past, BUT, i was lucky enough to hit what was 80 yards behind it. My friends truck. yes you herd me right, i shot his truck. i am such an idiot. he took it unbelievably well. you would not believe the jokes i had to endure the rest of the week end. I'm sure your thinking of some right now. on the good side though. the only damage was the hole in the hood. the slug did not touch any thing else, and the truck runs like nothing happened. i did tag and take a photo with my kill. i will post it for your enjoyment.

Monday, December 1, 2008

my date with another women

so this weekend was pretty fun. got to hang out with all the in law sibs and had a good time. friday night they(the sibs) all went out together and so liz and i where the baby sitters. once we got past the idea of "oh, a night alone with you" we asked, "what are we going to do?" it didn't take long to come to the rent movies decision. i looked at john and renae and said we will be back in 30 minuets. so we hopped in the truck an off we go. while we where at the movie place i ran into some one i know. more accurately, some one who knows renae. i said hi to her and she returned the greeting and took a serious look at liz. it only took a sec for her to come to the conclusion that she must be some family member but in that sec you could see her doing the mental math. this is far from the first time people have assumed liz and i where together. it always seems kind of funny to us when it happens. so we left with the movies and went home. we ended up feeding the kids and cleaning the kitchen up a little before the movie(it sucked). and just after we put the kids to bed in walk renae and john. and so we all stayed up and watched another movie(renae fell asleep). the next night trent, todd and suz came over and we watched the second movie again(renae fell asleep), so all in all it was a fun weekend. looking forward to x-mas already.