Tuesday, May 11, 2010

never had any douts

Ross's team(the one i'm coaching), just had their first game. a 10 to 0 victory.

the bat

my two older boys decided that they wanted to play base ball this year. we have already talked about that i know, but, some of the stuff that goes with playing a sport is equipment. sense they had never played before, they did not have any thing they would need. so i made a trip to the store and got a glove for each of them, a bucket of balls to practice with, a bat to practice with and some tennis balls(tennis balls don't hurt as bad if you miss a pop up and it doesn't miss you). well stuff cost money and a lot of stuff costs, well, a lot of money. so all that in addition to paying for them to be in the league was really adding up. then one day i came home with another bat. but, this was not an ordinary bat. this is a game day bat. its a limited edition, double wall titanium, demarini(brand name). renae asked me how much i had spent on this used bad and was horrified when i told her $50. more than the new bad i got at w-mart. i tried to ease her mind. that i had indeed had got an excellent deal. the original price on this bat(meant for little leaguers to use) was $325. she was still horrified. partly i think that we had spent so much on base ball this year and that a child's bat could cost so much. on the good side, if we take care of this bat it should last us through all 4 boys base ball needs. so really I'm saving money right.

Friday, May 7, 2010

OK! some people tick me off

There are some people in our country that are starting to get on my nerves. the other day, cinco di myo, i am sure i spelled that wrong, there where some kids that got sent home from school and suspended for having a USA flag on their clothes. i think it was for(the excuse used) harassment. so now we cant even be proud of our country on a supposed Mexican holiday. i thought the 5th of may was their Independence day, but it turns out that it celebrates a battle won against the French some 50 years after Mexico declared their independence from Spain. i heard a quote from some kid that was there that was of Mexican decent (he had no accent which i assume means he was raised here and might be a citizen) "the Americans where wearing and flaunting THEIR flags on OUR holiday." as it turns out the day is hardly remembered in Mexico. they don't get off school or work for it. it seems like the beer companies have propped it up so they can have another good drinking holiday. so just remember before you have some thing on that has the flag on it(at least our flag), to be proud of your country (at least if its our country) is not patriotism, its actually racism and hatred.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

better than last year

so last years deer season was not good. if you'll remember, i shot my friends truck by accident. not cool. this years result was much better. i shot 3 deer from the same stand in 3 consecutive hunts. first a doe with a shotgun at about 15 yards the next a small buck at about 25 yards with a pistol and the last a doe with a shot gun at about 10 yards. the 3rd one i was asleep in my stand waiting for a guy to come pick me up for breakfast on his way to the house and a slight rustling noise woke me. i looked up and there where 3 deer standing about 15 yards off. as i got into position to shoot one of them came closer and made the shot even easier. i have gotten to where i can field dress a deer in about 5 minuets. after break fast i packed up and was getting ready to go home and asked if i could have one of the kittens i had seen running around the house. a cute little calico. i loaded her up and now we have a new cat. you have probably seen some pics of her on Renae's blog. all in all a very productive season. the one bad spot was that i took to long in butchering all the deer and some of the meat spoiled and i had to throw some away. that is very much breaking one of my own hard core hunting rules. you make shore the mead you kill gets used. i repented and said i was sorry for wasting the blessing given to my family. i hope its not taken back on me next season.