Tuesday, May 27, 2008

just too cool

I know we all figure things out in our own ways. i joined the church several years ago. it was a good time. i should tell the whole story some time. any way. i have had my testimony built in many different ways, but i think this was pretty cool because other people(my daughter) got to grow from it to. we have made a tradition to have a family night and a round of fathers blessings the night before school starts(we also do one before each new child is born). i don't remember much about the blessings this year except for one line from lydias. the blessing said that she "would begin to excel at school this year." when i pronounced this blessing it made me kind of nerves because i did not want lydia to be disappointed or disillusioned with blessings and the power of the priesthood. you see lydia has had to work very hard for mediocre grades up to this point, with no signs of real improvement. she has been known to spend hours studying for her weekly spelling test to end up with a poor grade any way. her teachers always say what a joy she is to have in class, how hard a worker she is. but the grades were never there. though she never said so, i could tell this bothered her. she is very bright but always seemed to have some sort of block when it came to schooling. so now back to the blessing. i remember pointing out to her after the blessing was done, "wow, lid, sounds like your going to get some good grades this year." but in the back of my mind thinking "crap, this could go bad." of course part of the problem is that i worry about my worthiness, and if i am pronouncing the lords blessing and not just my own thoughts. well, i am happy to tell that lydia just got her fourth quarter report card and she made high honor roll(honor roll for first three quarters). one B+ and the rest A's. she even got an A in spelling. her teacher gave her the most improved student award. when i spoke to her(the teacher) this morning she said she had seen a remarkable change in lydias ability to chatch on and get through her work, like some thing finally clicked. i know this was not just my desires for my daughter to do well. i could not have known she would make such a dramatic turn around. it truly was the lord blessing her. John and i where talking about this recently and he said some thing like this, "when i occasionally wander if the church is true, i come back to a solid wall of evidence. blessings are real!" to that i say amen. blessing are real. and i, through the priesthood have had the opportunity to pass them to my family. that is a very humbling thought. i must keep my self worthy so i can be the conduit for blessings from heavenly father to others. its just to cool to pass up. crap i have rambled on. any way blessings rock, and i and my daughter(I'm sure others around me do too) know it. by the way, on the national(terranova) tests, ross was ranked in the 97% and mark was in the 98% in the country. so they rock too.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

and now you will be punished

the other night my cousin called me. now you have to remember that he has problems. drinking, smoking, and a variety of other drug issues. he said "hey man i want to get back in shape. lets go running." i asked "tonight? its 9:15pm and im not home yet." "yeah, why not?" "ok, meet me at my house. we will go." so he shows up in skater shoes. so i got him some old running shoes of mine. past their prime but still o.k. we stretch and go out side. i decided to take him on a about 1.5 mile flat coarse run. we walk out to the street and he says "hold on a sec." at which point he runs over to his truck and gets out a...dun dun daaaaaa!!! you guessed it. a cigarette. he lights up and says lets go. like i said i WAS going to take the flat course. instead we turned right and went on the "holy crap this sucks" course. he made almost a quarter mile before he had to walk the first time. of the two mile "run" we ran maybe 1 mile. on the home stretch he said something about me being better about distance. so we did a small sprint and yep i beat him. i was going to be nice and take the easy trail but the sig flipped a switch inside, and i said to my self "ok fat boy, time to teach this kid (he is 25) a lesson. he was hacking up a lung when we finished, so i told him "smoke another one, maybe that will make you feel better." every body starts where they are at, but don't light up while we go running.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I can't be the only one

I have been freakishly busy lately. It just never seems to stop. I have made a weekend trip to Johns house to help get his house ready so he can move. I have been over to the Walls house to help clear the jungle behind there new house. My actual job has been absolutely nuts lately. For example, when I left last Friday I made a list of to do things for Monday. It had fifteen different items on it and I still had to do all of my normal Monday activities on top of my list. I have sold almost $3K in the last 4 working days, so at least my boss is happy about something. I have started checking out schooling. John is moving this weekend. The Walls will be moving some time soon. I have cabinets that need to be refinished and installed(hopefully before the baby comes). My garage need a new roof. And my grass needs to be cut again(i just cut it Monday. all the rain and the fertilizer the guy next door put on is making it grow like crazy). I haven't finished planting my garden. Any thing else? I know I forgot some thing. What is the old saying, "to many irons and not enough fire."

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

it realy is a good story

I have a pretty cool story to tell, but sense it involves certain topics i cannot Post it. if you want to know your just going to have to ask me. but it is a good story(to bad its true). it started last Friday and is not over yet.