Tuesday, June 14, 2011


that's right, i admit it. i cheated on my wife. we have an agreement and i went around it. you see what happened is this. about a month ago renae and i were talking about our upcoming anniversary and our plans for a kid free week end(my parents took the kids camping). we decided, to save money we would have a stay-cation, and we would not buy anything for each other. well, i cant help my self. the woman deserves good things in life. so i decided to up date her bike with a bunch of new stuff. but i did it a week and a half before our anniversary sooooooo, its not really an anniversary gift, its just a gift. so while i was originally planning it to be her anniversary gift, i just went ahead and gave it too her early and did not give her a gift on our anniversary week end. i did give her flowers and a card on the day(she didn't know what they were for) so i guess that may count too. i just cant be trusted to honer the promises i have made to my wife. do you think she will forgive me?

Monday, March 28, 2011

near death experiances can be fun.

last Saturday was the 1st running of the alton half marathon. Renae sang the national anthem and did a great job. i was a lead out bike for the race. my job was to pace some of the lead runners and try to make sure things go well for them (ie they stay on course and people get out of their way). i ended up pacing the winning woman. we were on a section of the course that was on a 4 lane divided highway. they had blocked off the south bound side of the road and had all car traffic diverted to the north bound side. so we continually heard cars and didn't think any thing about it. we were going along just fine, i was about 8 feet away from her at most, when a car suddenly went between us at 40 + miles per hour. no horn, no warning at all. it only missed us(me on one side of the car she on the other) by a couple inches. no one knows how the car got on the course. the road was blocked with a bunch of big orange cones and a cop car parked with its lights on. it was very close. i may have yelled at the car and shook my fist at it(i will neither confirm nor deny that i had a finger of that hand raised). well she went on to win for the women(a 6.69 pace for a half marathon) and i lived to tell the tail(by grapthars hammer).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

glad thats over

Recently we got a power bill that was $409. now i know we have been experiencing an exceptionally cold winter but come on. one of the things that bothers me about this(there are many things that bother me about this, this is just one of them) is that i have put a lot of time and money to fix my cost of heating and cooling my house. we updated out furnace to a new hi-efficiency furnace. we put a bunch of insulation in the attic. we went around the house and added sub walls to all(almost all. 4 still go) the exterior walls. vented the attic. i thought we should be doing good. then we got this bill and i wanted to cry. so we had a guy from a company that does insulation give us a bid and tell us what he would do to fix the prob. i payed close attention. he had a laser thermometer that he shot at the walls to give us a suffice temperature. the outside wall of lydias room at 2:00 in the afternoon was 47. well we spent some more money(that we didn't have) and went to work. i took 4 vacation days and my dad came over to help. first day we worked from 9:00 a.m. till about 8:00 p.m. the next day i was at the hospital all day with renae(she had sugary) third day 8:30 a.m. till about 4:30 p.m.(we figured out what we were doing). day 4 8:30 till 3:30 and day 5 from 9:00 till almost 6:00(we had to clean up and take back some rented equipment). it was dirty. we were in a small area. and it was very labor intensive. im glad its over. one of the hardest jobs i have ever done.

The boys wanted to help(clay was napping). Busting
holes in walls is fun.

My Dad(who rocks) inside the wall blowing in the
new insulation.

Blown insulation gets every ware. Makes
a big mess.

to get into the walls was a bit of a squeeze(being fat does not help)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not fair not fair not fair

i work at a large plant in Illinois. there is a lot of fenced in or otherwise protected areas around the plant. there are also a lot of crop fields and woods around the plant. there are also some HUGE deer inside the plant. they do not allow any hunting of any sort, so all i get to do is look and dream(drool).

this is a typical seen in the plant. there where at least 10
more deer that did not fit into frame that were in plain sight.
there are about 15 deer in the pic. a monster all the way
to the right.

one of the many quality bucks to be seen.
notice the split brow tines. some what rare.
this one is an absolute beast. 15 points(7 points by western counting)
he is huge. there are also 2 very nice ones seen behind him.

another view of the beast. he is grunting a challenge in this picture.
no one accepted.

this one is big and has 12 points, but what makes it truly awesome is that it has 3 drop tines.
very unusual.

Friday, October 22, 2010

whos bad!

last night i was grappling with the big guy i told you all about, and i got him to tap out(made him say uncle) for the first time. i caught him in a hold on his ankle. i was very stoked but could not celebrate very much because he is getting ready for a fight next month and i, as his partner need to help him keep his spirits up too. but it was very cool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

stuff that has been swirling part A

lately i have been watching a lot of political stuff(have been for a while). the first thing i have for you is an observation. we have had many elections won or lost because we don't care about who we are voting for but who we are voting agents. i did not so much vote for McCain i voted agents Obama. when it was bush, the dems weren't voting for Cary they were voting agents bush. voting agents some one does not work. you have to have a candidate that you believe in. if you do you will talk about them or maybe even campaign. we as conservatives(i used to think of myself as a republican but stopped a long time ago) have a chance to turn things around in our government right now. the libs have shown what their ideas and plans are and most people don't seem to like it. granted that if(big if) the economy was doing well we would not have as many people paying attention. BUT, if the republicans put up a bunch a dorks(i like the term "democrat lite") , they are in trouble for the foreseeable future. i will not trust them at all(not that i do much right now). i want conservatives running the joint. i don't want politicians to play politics. i want them to actually do some work. if they get into power(and it looks like they will), and if they do not try to swing things way WAY back, it may be the end of the republican party. i will truly be looking to start or support a different party. what worries me are statements like i heard the other day. a candidate was promising to "scale back the RATE of increased spending." that is not what i want. i want to scale back spending. i saw where some city spent $250,000 to advertise the fact that it was facing financial ruin. hello! any body in there? the days of good ole boy politics need to be over. listen to the people. fix it quickly or we will try to find some one else to do it. it looks like your about to have your chance. don't screw it up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

is it wrong to think this is funny

i know i should not laugh at other peoples misfortune, especially death. but......come on this is funny and you know it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i hate to say i told you so, but....

heard a news story yesterday. the stimulus bill that is helping our economy so much(i hope you hear the sarcasm in my voice, or in this case, my fingers), is being used for so many wonderful things(more sarcasm). a grant was given to a university. the grant was for over $800,000. what was the money used for you ask? they put together a team to teach uncircumcised men how to properly wash their genitals. yes you read that correctly.
with great projects like this, i cant imagine why the economic recovery hasn't blasted off. i mean, teaching some guy in Africa how to wash his junk clearly is a fantastic was to create jobs here in the USA(more sarcasm).
shame on you people for not trusting the government to spend our money wisely. you know you just need to give plans like this time to work. remember, your just a bunch of racists if you don't agree with how the president is doing things(sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

why the difference

There is a bit of trouble going on right now because a church has gotten a hold of several copies of the Koran(about 150 at last count) that they plan on burning. i would like to say that i agree that this is insensitive and they seem to me to be trying to provoke a response of some sort. having said that, they are within their rights to burn these books. i read a report that referred to the Koran as a "holy book." the government and the press has made a mountain out of a mole-hill on this one. first we are talking about a church of about 50 members. second, we are talking about 150 copies. they are not trying to destroy every copy there is. although they probably would if they could. they story is much bigger now than it every should have been.

my next and real problem with all of this is, how have other such acts been treated? i have seen video of people protesting the general conference for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, that have tossed the "book of Mormon" on the ground, stepped on it and set fire to it. why no out rage from the media or government on that one? why are they not worried that the Mormons will be offended and start an uprising? there are several million Mormons that are here in this country that have the means to organise some trouble. Mormons hold the book of Mormon to be a holy book. why are they not afraid of outrage from this group. i have another example. a church group had a few cases of bibles printed up to be handed out to the people of Afghanistan. they shipped them over to a soldier. when those in command found out, they not only said that they could not hand them out(which may be agenst regulation), but they confiscated the bibles. and what did they do with those bibles(we know there are plenty of people that believe the bible is holy)? they had them burned. why were they not afraid of the out rage that would come from burning this holy book. don't they know Christians world wide might be offended by the burning of there holy writings. there are many Christians world wide with the means to organise and support an uprising.
Why the Difference?

Friday, September 3, 2010

always get the rest of the story

if your martial arts instructor tells you that he has a student that is training to do a cage fight in November, and wants to know if you will be a regular sparing partner for this guy, before you agree, you should probably find out that it is the 350lb former semi-pro football player, college wrestler guy that he wants you to work out with. these little bits of info can be important.