Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not fair not fair not fair

i work at a large plant in Illinois. there is a lot of fenced in or otherwise protected areas around the plant. there are also a lot of crop fields and woods around the plant. there are also some HUGE deer inside the plant. they do not allow any hunting of any sort, so all i get to do is look and dream(drool).

this is a typical seen in the plant. there where at least 10
more deer that did not fit into frame that were in plain sight.
there are about 15 deer in the pic. a monster all the way
to the right.

one of the many quality bucks to be seen.
notice the split brow tines. some what rare.
this one is an absolute beast. 15 points(7 points by western counting)
he is huge. there are also 2 very nice ones seen behind him.

another view of the beast. he is grunting a challenge in this picture.
no one accepted.

this one is big and has 12 points, but what makes it truly awesome is that it has 3 drop tines.
very unusual.


lizS said...

lol! poor bruce. :D

Sac Prada said...

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