Monday, September 29, 2008

i can feel it in my bones

this, fall that is, is my favorite time of year. i love spring because every thing comes alive and the days start to get longer. i love summer because its warm and you can swim and just go and enjoy all the green stuff. i love winter because playing out side in the snow hold great memories from my child hood. but fall, fall is the absolute best. all the bugs start to die off. its the best camping weather. you can sit out by a fire and enjoy the evening. its hunting season. (that is one of my major reasons for liking fall). i know my parents did not know what they where doing when they named me, but my name suites me perfectly. Bruce is french and means, from the woods. Norman means, man of the north. so when put together i am "the man of the north woods." and you can ask my wife, that is me. the weather turns a little colder and the woods call to me. I'm not sure i am ever as happy or at least as much at peace as i am when i am in the woods hunting. i don't need to kill anything to feel this way. its always good to have a successful hunt but just being out there hiding, trying to BE part of nature is what it is all about for me. i know some people don't like the idea of hunting. they think it cruel and gross. i don't under stand them. i truly feel that there must be some thing wrong with them. i can tell you that there is some thing special about being part of the natural process. to truly be a hunter and to provide food for my fam. there is nothing quite like it. my heart beats a little faster right now just thinking about it. i involve my self more that most do to. i kill, field dress, skin, quarter, and do almost all of the butchering my self.(i don't have a grinder so cant make hamburger) but like i said, the kill is not the hole, or even most of the reason i hunt. i feel like i am part of nature when I'm out there. i feel very much at home. and fall is the time of year that you can really enjoy it. the beautiful colors, lest rain than spring, and great temperatures for being out there. i would encourage any one to go out in the woods(make shore its not shotgun season) in mid October at about 2:30 - 3:00 in the afternoon, find a big tree to sit down by, sit as quietly as you can until dark, and just watch what happens around you. nature is spectacular. and for me it is at its most brilliant in the fall.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it helps

Don't you just love when some one does some thing dumb and it end up making you money. I got a call Friday that i would have to go to work on Saturday. The kicker was that i would have to drive 2.5 hours just to get to the job and would have to stop on the way there to lode some stuff into my truck. It all happened because our inept sails guy can't EVER seem to send the right equipment. so when i got to the job at about 12:30 - 12:40(they asked for me to get there at around 1:00) I can't find any one. I had to drive to the other side of the plant before i found them. they where not ready for me. they where doing other work that had the power to the building shut down and they still had to weld some peaces onto the thing i was supposed to work on, and all the workers where still at lunch. so i left to go hang out at the truck stop up the road, ate lunch at the subway and came back 2 hours latter. they where still not ready for me. so i went out to my truck and had a nap. finally at about 4:30 they where ready. i went in and did about 1.5 hours of work then packed up and left for home. got home at about 9:30. so i should not have had to go at all but ended up getting payed for 12 hours of overtime and only actually worked about 1.5 - 2 hours. some times dumb people are good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

i still haven't forgotten.
like every one says, i know where exactly where i was when i herd the news. i was in my truck driving to an odd job i had at the time and it was announced on the radio. i was close to my moms house so i went there and told her about it. we went strait to the family room to watch it all on her t.v. my heart still beats hard when i think of the video of the 2nd plane going into the tower. i still fight off tears when i think of the people who jumped to get away from the flames. i would take out vengeance my self on the evil ones who are responsible for this. i invite you to take a moment of silence right now to remember the Innocent that perished that day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cursing can be fun

now i know that i am not supposed to say curse words but some times...... well i know I'm not the only one. i herd our primary prez. drop a "S" bomb in the hallway at church the other day. but that is not the discussion i was thinking about. i am pretty sure we have had it already on some ones blog. what i was thinking of is movie quotes, or when you herd some one say some thing and think "you go a head. i may have said some thing like that my self."
i personally like in "the Temple of doom" when Indiana Jones is on the rope bridge and is surrounded by bad guys and simply says "S----!"
i mean what else is there to be said at that point.
another good example, i once saw a man working on his car. he had his young son with him. the kid was probably about 5 or 6. the man was trying to get the lug nuts loose on his car. they where not cooperating. he stood up and really put his weight into it. the lug nut broke loose suddenly and the man went forward and his hand went into the pavement breaking the skin loose from a few of his knuckles. he said "oh, ill be, that, you, well!" he held his breath for a moment looked at his son and then looked up at me. the look in his eyes said #$@^%$&*# @%#&#$!!!!!! the look in my eyes said back to him "i under stand." he then exhaled looked at his son and said in a very pleasant tone "wow, that hurt a lot. could you go get me a wet cloth to put on my hand please son?" and soon as his son was out of ear shot he let fly with one of the greatest strings of swear words that i have ever herd. for that moment when he held it in until his son was gone, he was my hero.

Friday, September 5, 2008

its not funny, not funny at all

take my in-laws....please. you see i have a problem with people who are completely sucked in by the left wing biased media we have in our country. here is what happened. my mother in law and i where haveing a perfictly nice discussion about Sara paylin(sp???). and she says "yes but she did stretch a few things." and i ask what those things where. to which she responded, "well she said that barrack had written 2 memoirs but had never written a law and that is just not true." i told her that as far as i knew it was true. "oh he has." she said. so i asked her for an example. she of coarse could not provide one but said, "i herd it on the radio." well i happen two know they listen to kmox and npr at their house. so i said i have not herd of anything he has done in the cenit. she then said, "oh, there have been several important things he has written." and stepped out of and shut the front door. so now i have to go out and find out if he has indeed written any legislation and what is was, important or not. the other thing that got to me is that they are in the "big oil sucks and should be prosecuted for their obscene prophets." crowd. OK, lets lay it down. exon Mobil made about 10-11 billion dollars in the second quarter this year. that is a lot of stinking money. but is it a "wind fall" prophet? we are talking about a 500 billion dollar company. they usually work on about a 7 - 10 % prophet margin. there are several companies that shoot for 40 - 60 %. and some retail places are higher than that. people get stuck on the amount. 11 billion. its a huge number. it works out to be about $1500 per second. what your not being told is that in the second quarter of this year they also payed 31 billion in taxes. that is almost $3000 a second and not to mention their operating cost which works out to be around $15,000 per second. so the government taxes them for making it(about 75% of what ever they took in over operating cost, look at your pay check and imagine how that would be), taxes the gas station for selling it, and then taxes us when we by it(right now i think its some where between 40 and 70 cents a gallon). so who is making the "wind fall" prophet. the government gets almost 8 times the income from oil than the oil companies do. not to mention the oil companies make a lot, and i mean a lot of people rich. my father(who is not rich but is better off than most) was able to retire at the age of 52 working at a refinery. there are many who did and do a lot better than he did. a huge section of oil company employs are part of the middle, upper middle, lower upper, and upper classes. i would never dream of saying that the big oil people are angles but they have provided the means of making our country move forward. you cannot always say that about our government, or the media. are gas prices high? you bet, but the price of crude oil is high to. and who's fault is that? i am tired of the government and the media treating us like we are all a bunch of simps. but there are enough people that take the media bate hook line and sinker, that they still feed us the crap and expect us to like it.

p.s. i promise my next post will be some thing a lot more fun. and sorry for all the spelling and grammar stuff.