Sunday, July 20, 2008

crazy time

"No, there is too much, let me some up." It all started with the idea that Renae was going to have a baby at the end of last month. i have a specific list of things i have to get done during the month so i started early and got a bunch done but then there where some break downs that needed attending to. so i did not get every thing done at work until the last Friday of the month. then we packed up every body and dropped off the kids at the grandparents house then R and i went to hospital to have a baby. that was the thrilling event that it always is. she had clayton about 5:50 in the evening. the whole fam came to see the final addition and i made a decision and went on home when they where leaving. i took trent with me and went to bed. after the day of being in the hospital i got a little sleep, got up and lost my mind. trent and i had breakfast and then proceeded to destroy my kitchen. it took almost two hours just to get every thing out of the cabinets. then we took the cabinets out and into the basement. of coarse to do that i had to take the counter top off and disconnect the sink. i knew we where going to redo the floor so i had to rip up the old floor. the problem with that is that our old ugly linoleum floor was glued fast to some under sheathing which was stapled(with the staples about 3 inches apart all the way across the floor, fun to try to get off) down, with another layer of old ugly linoleum, which was glued down to a layer of vinyl tile (which had been there for at least 60 years). the people i had expected to show up to help did not so most of the day it was just me and trent. it took way longer than it should have to get off. we got some help from a guy down the street and that made a dif but it was too little to late. the next day i had to go to the hospital to check on renae, she was experiencing complications from the epidural (they had hit a nerve and released some spinal fluid, sounds like fun). i got back home and my dad and trent had gotten enough of the floor off that we could begin building the walls. i have to build sub wall on all the exterior wall of the house because the way our house was built there is no way to insulate except to build a sub wall and put some in. so by now, renae and the baby are ready to come home and home is not ready for them. so we lived at the in laws house. and now i have built walls, done some of the mud and taping, put in cabinets, cut and installed counter tops, cut a hole and put in a sink, put in the plumbing for the sink, redid bunch of plumbing(an old valve broke in the basement and was running water into the floor), installed a dish washer(converted it from a roll around to an in cabinet), framed in windows, done the trim work on one of the windows, and started tiling the wall. we still have a bunch to do but its coming to gather and is going to look really good(regardless of the fact that i have done all this work with other ammeters). i have had to go to work for my employer too. its been very busy there too because the plant went on a maintenance shut down for a week and a lot needed to be maintained, now we have started a new installation project that i am having to design and build myself. if it had not been for the help of friends and fam (big props to trent an my dad here, although the in law parents have been helping out a lot too, especially with baby sitting early on), i could not have gotten nearly as far as i have at this point. i plan to post some pics when i get done. so with the new baby, the kitchen, my job being a little nut right now and trying to work out and loose some weight life has been a bit crazy. whew! im tired just thinking about it all. ill go and take a Sunday afternoon nap now.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

do you remember me

sorry i haven't been here for a while. I've been crazy busy. i try to get back soon and let you in on some of the stuff that has been going on.