Thursday, February 28, 2008

Was that realy a question?

So Renae was having a bit of a crazy morning. first off justice had vomit fest 2008 last night and she was up till about 2a.m. dealing with that(before you ask i was asleep and did not know). then the kids would not get going this morning. every body was running late. then ross reminded her he wanted to have his birthday party(over a week late) so she went and made invitations on the computer to send with him to school today. I'm in the kitchen getting food for lydia getting ross and mark to brush their teeth, drying lydias hair and(this is where the question that wasn't really a question was asked) renae comes in looks at the clock, looks back to me and asks "do you care if i just drive the kids to school today?" what do you think i said? your right i said "heck no! get those kids to the bus on time or else your going to get it!" well actually i said "oh of course dear what ever makes you happy!" well....maybe i wasn't quite that nice either, but like i said you could tell buy the way she asked it wasn't really a question. so now I'm setting here holding a sick two year old in one hand and typing this out with the other. i should probably go get ready for work seeing as i am running behind already.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Happened to you Too

I just found a small peice of bacon stuck to the trim work over a window in my living room. How did it get there? It's one of the world's greatest mysteries.

can i be done with this please

well I'm just going to say it. pain sucks. now i think i have a pretty high tolerance to pain, but 5 days of back pain is just a little extreme. i told you all i hurt my back Saturday morning. sense then it has been a continual proses of getting better and then doing something small, like sit in a chair too long, and then i hurt real bad for a wile. i have to walk stooped and twisted slightly to the right(to the right makes sense, i am a conservative). i have not missed any work, well i have went to work every day but, i have avoided any lifting. which is kind of hard sense i check scales for a living and have to put 50 pound weights on all the bigger scales i check. i have not went to my chiropractor yet because that would cost $25, and she will probably want to see me more that one time. oh my boss called and said we were getting new furniture delivered for our office and that i would need to lode it take it to the office and unload it. so i get to move furniture with my back like this. any way, life goes on with or without pain. i need to get better soon too because we have tae kwon do class tomorrow night. like i said, pain sucks!

Monday, February 25, 2008

You should probably know better

O.k. any time you weigh 240 and are going to do something that involves the words tornado and kick you should probably, no you should definitely stretch and warm up first. otherwise you will walk around looking like Quasimodo's brother for the next couple of days. just thought you should know. you see its like this. once upon a time i was actually pretty good at tae kwon do(kind of martial arts). i qualified and went to national level competition 6 times. i could do amazing thing. BUT! i was 18ish and only about 165 pounds(ill show you some pictures some day). so some things have changed over the years. i cant do the splits any more is one of them. cant touch my toes either. but lets not lament the past. i am still OK and can hit a heavy bag harder than any one i know. i just need to stretch first.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can you hear me now?

O.K. So I'm not to sure this is such a good idea, but I'm going to try my hand at this blogging thing. I hope I don't have to fight Renae for computer time and the good stories. I will go ahead and apologise to every one who chances to reed this that I am a horrible speller and not great on grammar or punctuation. I don't have any thing else to say today, I am mostly just trying to get this thing set up. So happy snooping into my life and mind. I hope I am able to entertain and maybe even provoke some subsitive thought on occasion. Any way I hope to be yet another stop on your daily surfing experience. Have a good day.