Thursday, September 9, 2010

why the difference

There is a bit of trouble going on right now because a church has gotten a hold of several copies of the Koran(about 150 at last count) that they plan on burning. i would like to say that i agree that this is insensitive and they seem to me to be trying to provoke a response of some sort. having said that, they are within their rights to burn these books. i read a report that referred to the Koran as a "holy book." the government and the press has made a mountain out of a mole-hill on this one. first we are talking about a church of about 50 members. second, we are talking about 150 copies. they are not trying to destroy every copy there is. although they probably would if they could. they story is much bigger now than it every should have been.

my next and real problem with all of this is, how have other such acts been treated? i have seen video of people protesting the general conference for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, that have tossed the "book of Mormon" on the ground, stepped on it and set fire to it. why no out rage from the media or government on that one? why are they not worried that the Mormons will be offended and start an uprising? there are several million Mormons that are here in this country that have the means to organise some trouble. Mormons hold the book of Mormon to be a holy book. why are they not afraid of outrage from this group. i have another example. a church group had a few cases of bibles printed up to be handed out to the people of Afghanistan. they shipped them over to a soldier. when those in command found out, they not only said that they could not hand them out(which may be agenst regulation), but they confiscated the bibles. and what did they do with those bibles(we know there are plenty of people that believe the bible is holy)? they had them burned. why were they not afraid of the out rage that would come from burning this holy book. don't they know Christians world wide might be offended by the burning of there holy writings. there are many Christians world wide with the means to organise and support an uprising.
Why the Difference?


Brad Carter said...

This pastor is a jerk. He's worse than the one that pickets gay funerals.

The media suck for giving him so much attention.

I bet the publishing companies who sell the Koran books love this.

Bruce said...

i dont know if he is worse than the funeral picket people(like the ones that picket sodiers funerals) or not, but he does seem to be a bit of a dope. jerk. loser. what ever.

Brad Carter said...

I just saw a news article saying the pastor canceled the burning. I didn't read it, but I bet he was forced to quit. I doubt it was because he wanted to. How much you wanna bet those Westboro Baptist people will have their own book burning on the 11th?

Dana Cheryl said...

Of course, it's absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong, to disrespect anyone's holy book. Not the Bible, not the Book of Mormon, not the Koran, not anything... I'll even go so far as to say I wouldn't burn the Satanic "bible" because there's no point to it. So, so stupid!

What really gets me though is the idea that prompted the crazy many preacher to attempt a Koran/Quran burning...

The mosque near ground zero. OK, I do understand what's trying to be done there. Turn the other check, be the better country, love when others hate, etc... etc... I dig that. I support that.

However... The families of those who died in 9/11 have asked that this not take place as have many, many, many Americans who feel it's just in bad taste regardless of intention. I also see their point of view.

I believe that America has spoken and the overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT want the mosque built in that location.

For that reason it shouldn't be built.

However, today the man who is the leader of the Muslim Cultural Center in question said that building must go ahead and take place because there will be an uprising in Muslim countries if the mosque isn't built.

Well, who the frickin' hell gives a damn about what a bunch of crackpot extremists may do if we don't give in to their demands.

There's no way in bloody hell we should built that mosque now!

When has giving in to the demands of terriorists EVER been a good idea?

We shouldn't be starting fights ala "burn the koran" but we should be rolling over and taking up the ass either. Excuse my colorful turn of phrase there. Seriously, I can't believe that can even be a rational argument but I listened to several people going back and forth debating it.

Sweet Shiva! What's wrong with the people in Washington?

Dana Cheryl said...
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Bruce said...

well dana, tell us how you really feel. the point is, if we burn the book they will try to blow some thing up. if we dont allow the mosk to be built there, they will try to blow some thing up. if we allow them to build it they will try to blow some thing up. they are going to blow stuff up no matter what we do. they hate us. we cannot chang that fact. they are radical, extreme hatters and we are one of their targets. a little part of me wants to pravoke them so the bad guys will show them selves and we can kill them. i want the lines to be drawn stark and clear. you are a person who wants peace, harmoney, and coexsestence or, you are a crazy nut who needs to put down.
what is amazing to me is that the medea and the administration seem to be takeinig the side of the bad guys. pacifisam does not work. go back to the 30's and you will see it cost thousands of lives when they tryed to play nice with germany. all it did was give hitler time to get more power and improve his own strength base. that is what will happen with the radicals. who ever they may be. they talk about how insensative this guy is for wanting to burn books. how about how insevsiative it is to build a building that will be seen by a lot of people as a victory flag for the radicals.
the medea has made the book burning a story. the administation had given validation to the story. and nigther of these groups would be acting this was if it was muslims burnig bibles.

Bruce said...

dana posted her coment twice. that is why i removed it. im not cencering.

Eyepoke said...

I don't see anything espcially wrong with disrespecting someone else's holy book.

Seriously. Why not?

Yeah, it's childish... but... Who Cares? There are way worse things going on in the world, if you want something to stress about.

Most systems of dogma could use a good cage rattling. I way prefer this preacher to the bunghole who protests at funerals.

Eyepoke said...

I also don't get it when people say book burning is unchristian. Christians were burning books from the get go.

Acts 19:19

Eyepoke said...

not that i approve...

Brad Carter said...

John - I think most people are just concerned that this particular event could make dangerous people hate us even more.

I don't exactly care about the burning itself. I'm not religious at all, so people can burn religious texts all day and it doesn't bother me. Throw some American flags in there while you're at it. I'm going to laugh a lot if it makes some crazies blow up that guy's church.

I just kind of hate that he's trying to deprive people of reading things that he doesn't like. Book censorship is dumb and old fashioned. You'd think in 2010 we'd all be above that. It makes me want to read the Koran, just to spite him.

I was never crazy about churches that encouraged teens to burn their satanic rock albums, but I can see how that sort of makes sense since it's kind of a statement for the teens that they're not going to listen to it anymore. What this pastor guy is doing, though, is just so full of hate and nothing good is going to come out of it.

Now that I've typed all that out, I feel dumb for even caring about any of this. Stupid media for bringing all this attention to some deranged guy's stunt.

Eyepoke said...

Here's the thing about crazy people: they are going to STAY crazy no matter what you do.

So the Koran burner is crazy, and the people who want to blow themselves up because of the koran burner are crazy.(I'd have to say that on balance burning a book is much less crazy that blowing up a human though).

I could easy find alot more Americans doing alot worse stuff than this. And so could the media, and so could the president. So do why they both decide to call attention to this specific band of crazys? Especially when, as you say, these guys are the ones most likely to incite terrorists? Uh. Because, like you say, they are stupid.

Bruce said...

john, that was MY point. this is why i hate you!
but really, they hate us or they hate us.
my question was, why are they(medea, government) than they would if this was a christians being offended? why are we kissing the butts of the muslems? dont they realize that doing that(kissing butt) will imbolden the bad guys? they feel like what they are doing is working and will do it more so they can get more of the result. its a bad cycle that will go nowhere good.