Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ain't this just grand.

so here i am in my office. it's 6:10 p.m. I'm blogging and getting paid overtime to do it. why you ask? well i was going to leave at the normal time(around 4:00 to 4:30ish), got into my truck and started to drive away. i then said to my self, self your truck doesn't feel rite. it must be because your driving through 8 inches of snow, but then i got to a plowed section and thought, now must be the new pot holes that have opened up recently. but then i got to a smooth section of pavement and realized some thing is wrong. stooped, got out looked and saw that my back tire was flat. was not happy about that. but then i closed my door and could now see that my front tire is flat also(may have said a swear word at this point). called my boss to let him know what is going on. then called the maintenance company our company uses and am now waiting for a tow truck to arrive. so I'm missing the snow ball fight going on at my house that my wife called me to tell me about, but at least I'm being paid to do it.


CJ said...

It was a pretty good fight.
Your family got killed. Maybe next time!!

Renae said...

Killed?! I don't think so. I seem to remember putting snow in someone's face a point blank range. Then I felt guilty, still kind of do. Sorry!

Bruce said...

yeh, i see how you guys play. wait till im gone and then come down to fight. id take your hole fam out by my self and you know it.:)