Friday, March 7, 2008

he said what?

are you guys aware of the little game renae and john play with each other? they will pick a lyric from a song and see if the other can figure it out. more often than not i think they cheat and use one of the lyric web sites that are out there. so renae left one to day for john and, when she looked it up to make sure she had the wording exactly right we could not find the song we looking for because we thought they(the band in question) where singing completely different words. kind of funny. i know i have had it happen to me before. singing along and some one who knows the correct wording laughing at me and then corrects me. (i do this with movie quotes all the time to.) i remember renae thinking def leopard was saying "get your ROCK SALT, get your ROCK SALT Honey." of course it was actually ROCKS OFF, not ROCK SALT. i wander how many songs we have the words completely screwed up. on another note. i felt much better today. my back that is. my chiropractor told me i had sprained my lower back. although i had some very ouchy moments, most of the day was relatively pain free. i was in such a good mood i was even walking around singing(probably the wrong words). that is one nice thing about working in a factory that is very loud. i can sing all i want and no one can hear me. i just look like an idiot though I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Yall might like this. Speaking of miss heard. here's something from ebaumsworld of misheard lyrics from Sean Paul. Pretty funny IMO.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you didn't just LOOK like one...