Monday, March 10, 2008

step 1

yesterday, ross got baptized. it was a wonderful experience. i could tell from the time we left for church he was jazzed up. when church was over and i found him and we went and changed into jumpsuits. on our way back i had renae take a pic of us. when it was just him and me he said with the thrill that only children seem to be able to produce, "Dad, I'm so excited. i can't believe I'm finally getting baptized." it was great. it was a strong spirit filled meeting for me and I'm sure most every one felt it to. My parents came. for those of you that don't know, my parents do not belong to the same church i do, and are not fond of the idea that i am. i truly have great parents. they support there family as much as they can and they knew ross wanted them there. i got to give ross a blessing too. once again, very cool. ross has so much potential and i hope this experience will help him unlock the courage inside him self to go and do what he is capable of. a funny thing though. ross was welcomed into the primary by the primary president. she gave him a small pin that had a sword and shield on it. when she was done telling ross that it represented the whole armor of Christ she sat down, at which point ross turned to the crowed and said, "look every body, now i can go battle and kill a tiny mouse!" that's my ross for ya. great experience. i recommend it to every one.


lizS said...

yay for ross!

timpani76 said...

I thought Ross looked really happy on Sunday. I can't believe you guys have two children baptized already!

CJ said...

I liked the comment concerning the pin..."Or I could put it in my Hair!"

Eyepoke said...

Nice pic moose!
Way to go Ross! wish I was there!

Unc John