Monday, August 25, 2008

i cant help it

i would like to apologise to....well the world in general. i can't seem to stop my self from getting into long political discussions. i feel all wrapped up in the situation. i have some strong misgivings about one of the candidates and i loathe the other. then there is the immigration issue, high gas prices, groceries cost going up, the Media sucking the way they do. and i think one of the reasons i get so.... what ever it is i get because i feel a bit helpless. i can't do any thing. i live in a stat that always goes for the dems so whether i try to vote them in or not, they are going to get it. and sense i am not rich or a minority nobody (nobody up on the hill) wants to know what i think. i think i get into these long talks is to try to see if I'm the only person who thinks the way i do. i want to know I'm not crazy(i talk to my self and i get an answer). i think a lot of us are looking for change, but what change are we looking for and how can we get it? i don't thing either of the people we have running are going to be a POSITIVE agent of change. i don't know any one that is happy with our government right now, but the same or at least the same type of people keep getting into office. we need to collectively get a clue or our country is in for some perilous times. i find great comfort in what our prophets have told us and some things they haven't said yet too. i guess all any of us can do is try to make a difference where we are with the people we have contact with.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry Trent

sort of bad news for trent. he was feeling kind of bad because he was clearly the slowest person at cross country practice. not great for you ego when you are used to being the fastest person on your team. then he found out that once you begin you eligibility you have to use all 4 years of it up with in the next 5 years. so since he plans to serve a mission, he will be gone for 2 of the 5 years. he was already looking at this as a building year, but he would then leave and will not able to maintain the level of training he would need while he is gone. so when he comes back he would have to build again and then maybe have 1 year that he might be competitive. so he talked to his coach today and told her about leaving for a mission and that he did not want to start his eligibility now. so no college running for trent, at least for now. on the plus side he can run any race he want to and will be there for IVR. trent rocks and has now had to make one of his first real adult decisions. i know this will all work out for the best in the future, weather he gets to run on the collegiate level or not.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

justice bustice

i know renae already put a pic of this on her blog, but it was too much to pass up. this pic is a little blurry but you can really see how bad his face looks. poor kid. what is no fun is that there are signs at the doctors office that say "don't let your kids jump on trampolines!" and now we have to tell them we didn't listen to them or lie and tell them he fell down or some thing. but on the plus side for justice, he will get to eat a lot of ice cream and pudding for the next little bit.

Monday, August 18, 2008

its just cool

I love watching the Olympics. its cool. the records that are broken (Michel Phelps and Usain Bolt). all the neat stories(Dara Tores). every night i stay up to late and call trent on the phone to yell and scream. he is the only person i know of that shares my passion for the Olympics. i like that i am so rapped up in it that i get mad at the judging(gymnastics). the idea of the Olympics is cool to. we will put aside our political differences to see who is the best at this stuff. and the things these people can do is beyond belief. the way they have pushed the human limits and went through them is incredible(and some of them are pretty easy on the eyes too). i don't understand how some one could not love the Olympics(the fact that we kick but doesn't hurt either).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"By Grapthars hammer, we live to tell the tail!"

last Saturday was the annual Wood River Triathlon. i went ahead and did it even though the last time i did any training was last year. i have only rode my bike or ran a handful of times since last years race. and even though my time was nearly 20 minuets slower than last year, i am satisfied with my results. i finished, i didn't have a heart attack and, i never walked. my swim time was pretty good considering. i did the swim in under 9 min. my bike time was not to far off last year(i got a new, better bike), but my run was bad. i averaged around 10 mins flat per mile. but like i said. i finished and have now set a two year goal for the race. i plan(I've said that before) on being very fast in 2010. but you never can tell with me. i yo-yo so bad. it cant be healthy. but i love doing the races and am looking forward to IVR with the fam. here's to self torecher.